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  • Image of Rosemary
  • Image of Rosemary
  • Image of Rosemary
  • Image of Rosemary

-Handmade Item
-Satin, Tulle, Bridal Tulle, Hand Beaded Lace, Lace, Appliques
-Made To Order
-Other Colors Available
*In the Notes or Instructions box please speciiify size, color, and measurements.(bust, hip, waist)
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-Lined for extreme comfort against your princess's delicate skin
-Steamed to Fluff
-0-6 Months to 10 years

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Image of Savannah Dress
Savannah Dress
Image of Maldives Dress
Maldives Dress
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Lavender Rose
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Rouge Rosè
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Rose Garden
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Butterfly Bella
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Chanel Dress
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Bethany Dress
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Butterfly Blues
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Deliah Dress
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Donna Karen
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