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Ultimate Minnie Set


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This customized set comes complete with customized onesie, bloomers, headband, and shoes.

Image of Lily Rose
Lily Rose
Image of Lavender Rose
Lavender Rose
Image of 5 piece VDay Set
5 piece VDay Set
Image of Dapper Tux
Dapper Tux
Image of  Carol Dress
Carol Dress
Image of Rose Garden
Rose Garden
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4 piece Birthday Set
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Royal Bling Sets
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Dollbling Set
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Billy Jean Collection 1
Image of Billy Jean Collection 2
Billy Jean Collection 2
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Shimmy Dress
Image of Billy Jean Dress
Billy Jean Dress
Image of Billy Jean Collection 3
Billy Jean Collection 3
Image of Billy Jean Collection 4
Billy Jean Collection 4
Image of Makayala Dress
Makayala Dress
Image of Nadege Dress
Nadege Dress
Image of Hailey Dress
Hailey Dress
Image of Unicorn Dress
Unicorn Dress
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God’s Grace Set
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Custom TuTu Sets
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